What's happening?

Wow ! IN the last years we have sent over 111,111,111 emails for now our happy users. That's a lot of No. 1's.
Well, everybody is back from holidays and refreshed ideas have been popping up. We hope you did have a good holiday as well and look forward (now with no slow Wifi on the holiday campsite) to sent your pictures to your friends and family eMail Groups.
Shhttt. Yeah ! The boss is going on holidays and HE is difficult to reach in Africa. Thus so are we for him :). So we are going in stealth mode with a ice cream in our hand and a laptop on the bar. Chill.
Finished the Elipse Project with no glitch. We done guys ! We are upgraded and propared for another (few) year(s).
IT Department
Start of the program to change back-end servers. We are well prepared, but it is always exiting.
IT Department
Boarded a new big client with over 250 Groups. Good to see that we can still help out so many with our simple service. In this cas a Regional Volunteer FireBrigade which uses us to sent email and linked SMS Text messages to their volunteers.
Cleaned some code and layout of the Group pages. You will see some slight unnoticed changes. And it will be faster.
IT Department
We have changed the Save and Delete buttons to 'normal' buttons. Yes, in these mobile and ipad-days some icons (floppy disk ...) are a bit old or unclear. Hope this is better now.
Alrighty. We have reached another landmark of 300,000 active users. We are pleased that we can help so many Groups in conecting through a simple means like eMail. Thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm.
From all of us we wish you a happy New Year! The year 2016 was full of excitement and mainly many new users, servers and HelpDesk improvements. We look forward to welcome more and more users to enjoy our simple and fun service. Thanks for your support !

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What do users say?

iAM # John  Love eMailDodo.
24 Aug 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Joanne  Thank you so much for your assistance Daniel. The old folks really appreciate it J
16 Aug 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Paul  Looks great! I am hoping my mens mental health charity will benefit from your service.
11 Aug 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Ruth  You are building a great service with eMailDodo! I wish you every success.
10 Aug 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # John  Thanks Jim. Seems like a great service.
4 Aug 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Tim  So far, I am liking your service a lot.
28 Jul 2017 ,  Scotland
iAM # Jeremy  Your service looks great.
24 Jul 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Edward  We are looking forward to using your service. Right now, we are ok. I will definitely contact you if we have questions or our needs increase.
16 July 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Michael  Hi Jim, Thank for contacting me about any questions I might have, and I do.
16 July 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Simon  Have been looking for a simple group email tool to network a small group of peers so that they can easily and quickly exchange questions/answers to problems. Seems to be working well so far.
7 July 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Michael  Good customer service is much more important than most companies seem to realize. I certainly will pass on the good word about eMailDodo!
2 July 2017 ,  Germany
iAM # Karen  Looks good and easy so far.
28 Jun 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Esther  I was introduced to it a couple of weeks ago and now I’m hooked! What a great idea. Looking forward to using your service a lot in the future.
24 Jun 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Becky  Awesome! Thank you.
20 Jun 2017 ,  Italy
iAM # Alan  We needed to be raised to 75 for a group for a non-profit festival and you did so. That group since migrated to the campus server, but served us well for several years.
18 Jun 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # David  Hi Richard, thank you very much - much appreciated! I have been, and will continue to spread the word.
16 Jun 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Ingrid  It is good to know there is someone there when things go wrong, and if there are question.
6 Jun 2017 ,  Australia
iAM # Paul  ... this would make eMailDodo 20 times more amazing than it already is!
28 May 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # John  I appreciate your personal resonse. It has only been a few hours but so far so good. Thanks and best wishes.
20 May 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Margie  Thank you so much for reaching out to me! I am new to managing this list for our church group – and love it so far! Take care.
12 May 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Mary  Great.
8 May 2017 ,  Poland
iAM # Fares  We move away from Y!Groups because of technical issues and lack of support. Bonus points for you.
21 April 2017 ,  Germany
iAM # Steve  Impressive.
11 April 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Alastair  Thanks Jim, it is for the local Cub Scout group to communicate.
8 April 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Stefan  Thanks for your Email. I am happy to hear from you. Seriously. When I registered for your service I was looking for an alternative to google groups etc ... I found out about emaildodo via google, ironically.
2 April 2017 ,  France
iAM # Lung  Great device Jim. Thanks!
27 March 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Douglas  Thanks for the (hopefully) personal follow-up. The community is loving the list functionality so far -- the women who was sending out emails directly via cut/paste from her address book loves how easy it is now and I love that I did not need to set up GNU Mailman on one of my servers in order to help out. :)
22 March 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Susan  Most excellent job at keeping it simple. Thanks! By golly I think I have got it. This is really going to help with communication. Thank you for your service.
25 February 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Jessica  Very cool of you to reach out. We have only used the system for a few days now, but so far I like it! I love not having to remember everyones email when I want to reach out to the group as a whole. I also like that each member can update their email addresses on their own and/or opt out of the group without feeling guilty. It appears it is going to be the answer to many of our issues related to scheduling group activities.
25 February 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Tim  All seems to work well. Thanks. It’s a fantastic service!
14 February 2017 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Beccy  We are using your service for a community choir. Seems to be working much better than google groups so far!
12 February 2017 ,  U.K.
iAM # Fred  Thanks for the personal reply Jim. Impressive in this day of robo everything. Our needs are tiny; a 30 dwelling housing develpment that needs a better way to inter-communicate than by snail mail. Gave up Google Groups when I realized one cannot easily add members. Yahoo Groups is a carbon copy of GG but with in-your-face ads. So now I am taking on eMailDodo.
5 February 2017 ,  U.S.A.

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