An email group is a single email address for a group of people.

(example for a group called "classof85")

It's an efficient way for a group of people to send email messages to each other. You just use one single email address.

Normally, persons create and use an email group on their own system.
     ....  and everybody is doing this individually.
     ....  then it becomes a mess.
     ....  because email addresses change and people go in and out.
     ....  and everybody has to maintain their own groups.

Or, it's a group at work which you can not access from home or from another device.

That's why we have created eMailDodo.

With eMailDodo you can create and administer the email groups in one central place (‘in the cloud’).

The group appoints a person(s) to maintain the email addresses in the group.

Because eMailDodo is a cloud service all members in your group can use the same single email address for the group from anywhere on any pc or mobile. And it's easy to remember.

Never again worry about misspelling an address or accidentally leaving somebody out of an email.

Via eMailDodo you can not only send eMails but also Questions ("polls").

Simplify your life.

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