iAM Answer visibility options with Questions.
Within Questions now you can make the answers of individual members invisable and see only the total results. And you can choose if the admin can see these results or not. There are four options.
Released: 17 march 2013

iAM Anonymous Questions.
We are introducing today the Anonymous Question - feature. Now you can send Question to your group, but the individual answers will not be shown. Just click the option on the Send Question page.
Released: 26 february 2013

iAM Resend your Questions.
Questions is a great feature of eMaildodo. Now you can even resend your Question to everyone or to these persons who have not answered yet.
Released: 22 november 2012

iAM Custom headers with pictures.
Premium subscribers can now add pictures or logos in the header of their group eMail. This is fun, can jizz up your eMails and even attract sponsors.
Released: 16 october 2012

iAM Footer in your Language.
Many clients, many nations, many languages. Now we support multi-languages in our footer. Always have handy for your members which native language is not english.
Released: 3 september 2012

iAM Improved Help page.
The help page has been extended with better pictures, moving slides and now also covers the Text Message (SMS) feature of our App.
Released: 16 march 2012

iAM Improved Sign In and Sign Up.
We have redesigned the Sign In and Sign Up on the home page. It's all on the same page now. The Sign Up page has become bigger and easier to fill in.
Released: 27 feb 2012

iAM "Admin Only" messages to Group.
This will add an additional option to the "Allow eMails from:" selection in the MEMBERS page. When you select {Admin} the administrator is the only one who can sen eMails to the Group.
Released: 19 dec 2011

iAM Status "Editor" for Members.
The Admin can appoint Editors to a Group. The Editors can add/change/delete members in the Group. They must have a eMailDodo login.
Aditionally, the {Admin} option in the "Allow eMails from:" selection in the MEMBERS page willchange to {Admin/Editor} as well.
Released: 7 dec 2011

iAM APP: Pull down to refresh data.
The group data will be stored on the mobile device itselves. You can actively update the data by pulling down the GROUPS list. This will increase the speed of use and enable you to use the app even if there is no internet data source available.
Released: 14 nov 2011


Improved spam filter.
Yep. Unfortunately spammers can also send spam to your emaildodo group. We do everything to filter as much as we can. This new server release will provide better spam protection.

Import Group Members from Excel.
This enables you to import data from Excel file saved in a format higher than those of Excel 95.

Temporarily disable Members.
The Admin/Editor can set a switch to temporarily disable Members. With this feature you can eg. send a message like "What shall we give Sofie for her birthday?" to the same group whilst excluding Sofie.

Enhanced Privacy Setting.
Only Admin/Editor can see the Names, eMail addresses and Mobile numbers of the Members of a group.

"Nickname" for Members.
The Admin can change the names of members in the Group who do have an eMailDodo account of whom the name is automatically imported.

Sending SMS/Text messages from the website.
Next from sending messages via the app on your mobile you will be able to send SMS/Text messages from the website. For this feature you will have to buy credits.

APP: Create login from the app.
This feature will new eMailDodo users to create a login from their mobile device without having to go to the website.

APP: All functions straight from the app.
This feature will enable app users to create and edit groups and members on their mobile device without having to go to the website.

Import Group Members from other sources.
This enables you to import data from other sources like your Contact list in Outlook, Gmail, etc..

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