iAM # Rene  Anyway, Emaildodo is a great service! Thanks :-D
10 Nov 2015 ,  Germany
iAM # Clive  I have used this header/footer control feature more now and have got it working. It is very helpful.
30 Oct 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Andrew  Looking forward to using service - impressed so far.
28 Oct 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Ulf  Emaildodo is great Tool!! I love the simplicity.
21 Oct 2015 ,  Norway
iAM # Joseph  Thanks for the personal contact and especially for this service.
14 Oct 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Samuel  Thanks for the message – yes, I have seen that page.
13 Oct 2015 ,  U.K.
iAM # James  Hi Jim. Thanks for the welcome.
8 Oct 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Roberto  I really appreciated your non automated message! Actually, I hope to have correctly understood the system and I think it is very nice and useful. I need it in order to share emails between a very little group of people within my parish.
3 Oct 2015 ,  Italy
iAM # Florian  So far, everything seems to be working quite fine. Thanks for the great service.
30 Sep 2015 ,  Hungary
iAM # Jason  Thanks for a great service. I have been using for over a year.
27 Sep 2015 ,  Germany
iAM # Steven  Thanks for the email. eMailDodo has made my work easier. Thanks for coming up with this emailing platform.
23 Sep 2015 ,  Tanzania
iAM # Ana  I love your simple and elegant website!
18 Sep 2015 ,  Italy
iAM # Michele  I am using emaildodo from long time and it works well.
16 Sep 2015 ,  France
iAM # Kristina  Thanks for your help. with emaildodo is all clear.
9 Sep 2015 ,  Checz
iAM # Nicolás  Your service looks really nice so far. If you keep it simple and stable (not changing the rules every week, like yahoo and google do) I am sure you will be doing fine.
4 Sep 2015 ,  Spain
iAM # Sandor  Thanks for your email, I don not have any problem yet, I hope i will not have any problems in the future.
3 Sep 2015 ,  Germany
iAM # Ben  I am looking forward to trying out the service a bit before upgrading to a full account.
1 Sep 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Karen  Thank you so much for your swift reply.
30 Aug 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # John  Love eMailDodo.
24 Aug 2015 ,  U.K.
iAM # Joanne  Thank you so much for your assistance Daniel. The old folks really appreciate it J
16 Aug 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Paul  Looks great! I am hoping my mens mental health charity will benefit from your service.
11 Aug 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Ruth  You are building a great service with eMailDodo! I wish you every success.
10 Aug 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # John  Thanks Jim. Seems like a great service.
4 Aug 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Tim  So far, I am liking your service a lot.
28 Jul 2015 ,  Scotland
iAM # Jeremy  Your service looks great.
24 Jul 2015 ,  U.K.
iAM # Edward  We are looking forward to using your service. Right now, we are ok. I will definitely contact you if we have questions or our needs increase.
16 July 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Michael  Hi Jim, Thank for contacting me about any questions I might have, and I do.
16 July 2015 ,  U.S.A.
iAM # Simon  Have been looking for a simple group email tool to network a small group of peers so that they can easily and quickly exchange questions/answers to problems. Seems to be working well so far.
7 July 2015 ,  U.K.
iAM # Michael  Good customer service is much more important than most companies seem to realize. I certainly will pass on the good word about eMailDodo!
2 July 2015 ,  Germany

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