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Sending Questions

Questions Feature for Everyone. 

All group members can send "Questions" to their email group.
To send a Question enter a "Q " before the text in the subject box of your email.

Checking the Answers. 

The members in your group will receive an email with your question and three answer buttons YES, NO, MAYBE.
Who answered what can be easily followed by everyone. Just press the See Votes button in the email.

A great feature to ask your group:
  • who can attend a meeting
  • who can drive to the soccerfield
  • who can come to the party
  • who likes your presentatie
  • ...anything you can think of !

  • Tailor Made Questions. 

    If you are signed in you can even send Questions with tailor made buttons.
    Click on

    This is great if you want to ask:
  • how much to spend on a present: $10, $15, $20.
  • What day is the best for your party: Monday, Tuesday.
  • What time is the best for your meeting: 16:00, 16:30, 17:00.
  • Who to pick from a group: Jason, Mary, Richard, Charlotte.
  • ...anything you can think of !

  • Anonymous Questions. 

    You can send Question to your group, but the individual answers will not be shown. Just click the option on the Send Question page.

    Old Questions. 

    You can always go back to previous questions and check the stats out.
    Click on

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