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This is what users say:
“I like the service.”
26 January 2020
Halina , Poland
“Very cool of you to reach out. We have only used the system for a few days now, but so far I like it! I love not having to remember everyones email when I want to reach out to the group as a whole. I also like that each member can update their email addresses on their own and/or opt out of the group without feeling guilty. It appears it is going to be the answer to many of our issues related to scheduling group activities.”
25 February 2020
Jessica , U.S.A.
“Thanks for the personal reply Jim. Impressive in this day of robo everything. Our needs are tiny; a 30 dwelling housing develpment that needs a better way to inter-communicate than by snail mail. Gave up Google Groups when I realized one cannot easily add members. Yahoo Groups is a carbon copy of GG but with in-your-face ads. So now I am taking on eMailDodo.”
5 February 2020
Fred , U.S.A.

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