Upgrade to Group-in-Group

As part of our Premium Service you can upgrade your Group to use the Group-in-Group feature.

What is a Group-in-Group

The Group-in-Group feature allows you to add other Groups with a address to a specific Group. This enables you to create a parent Group for a "parent-child" structure.

So, it gives you greater eMail flexibility.

Once activated and upgraded you will see the status in the Group page.

Upgrade your Group:

Choose how you would like to pay and click the yellow button to upgrade.
per Year
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per Group
per Year

For all paid services we may ask you about the nature and purpose of your group(s) since we do not support commercial spamming to unsolicited members. Please provide Client Services with some background.

Once we have received your payment we will set it up and provide your administration with a point of contact. Due to compliance reasons this may take some time.
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